• Deadline

    15 April 2020
  • Total price

    CHF 1000
  • Result

    02 May 2020

Who we are

Buyfood.ch is a location-based meal ordering website where the customer can browse and select a restaurant of their choice.

The Contest

Write an essay and win a cash prize of CHF 1000.
Our current contest is an opportunity to prove the writing skills of students. Our contests are open to students from 8 to 28 years old students from any University or Private Institutions anywhere in Switzerland. The content students send us are reviewed by experts related to the contest. We will honor the winner with a cash prize and we will publish the essay in our site.

Are you a student? Then participate in our contest

  • Write an essay (in German or in English) about Online Food Ordering Trend in 800 to 1000 words.
  • Email your essay to info@buyfood.ch with the subject line “ Buyfood.ch Contest – Your name” enclosing a proof that you are a student. The proof can be your University/college/School ID card or recent attestations.
  • The deadline to send the essay is on 15 April 2020.


  • The winner will be informed about the results via email on 02 May 2019.
  • The winner will be honorably invited to get the prize.

The Essay Should Adhere to:

Discuss on the below points in your essay about "Online Food Ordering Trend"

1. What are the expectations of people towards ordering food online?
2. What are the reasons for the growth of these online platforms?
3. Will online food ordering platform grow further or drop down in the next few years?

Note: You may also discuss on additional points relevant to the topic

Your essay should adhere to the academic structure:

1. Introduction of the essay shall be the outline of the titles to be discussed.
2. The body of the essay shall contain the discussion on each title.
3. The conclusion will contain your opinion.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only graduates from School / College/ University shall participate the context.
  • All rights are reserved to verify the information provided as a proof that you are a student.
  • We do not reply to emails enquiring about the results. You can check the winner on our site on 02 May 2020
  • All rights are reserved to check for plagiarism.
  • The essay should be sent before the deadline, essays that are received after the last date will not be considered.
  • Participants send us their essay by agreeing to the terms and conditions.